Thursday, August 28, 2014

Do you answer yes when you really want to say no? Then read The Power Of No

Is it possible that saying No can be spiritual?  It's a great question and The Power of No is a book that everyone should read.  Especially those enlightened beings who say yes with  that cool as cucumber cherub smile, then end up regretting their decision.  Even more so if those yes's create chaos in your life.  The co-author of the Power Of No, James Altucher says we should all read this book "because one little word can bring health, abundance, and happiness.  Written with his wife Claudia Azula Altucher, The Power of No is a compilation of some of their individual and collective life stories. In the book they share how setting boundaries and simply saying the word No helped them.  The Power Of No is spiritually entertaining  as they reveal how they overcame boundaries by saying no, for "each no eliminates a cage".   No angel should be caged.   Have you considered spiritual boundaries lately?
The book begins with "Your No Bill of Rights".(pg 14) Each "right" describes just how empowering and relatively "painful" it might be to just say no.  Fact is it can painful to say no, especially if you tend to be of the "yes" persuasion, "a naturally giving person".   One of the No Bill of Rights is the "right" to choose what stories you believe in.
The authors give simple techniques on how to say No effectively and begin to honor your true authentic self.  Speaking of authenticity there is a chapter on storytelling. Was there any time you bought into another persons interpretation of how your life should be lived, usually according to their story?  Perhaps in the past you've said yes to doing something only to regret it later or at the precise moment the agreement left your lips. smh, Now what do you do? According to the authors it is ok to change your mind.  Changing you mind can be the best thing you have ever done.  For example engaging in activities with folks that drain you.  Maybe a family member, co-worker or friend.  It may be difficult to say No as most people equate saying No with some type of rejection.  This book can help you change that perception.  Saying No is a good thing.
Another one of the "No Bill of Rights" is the right to take your time.  sighs. Thanks for the reminder.  Why hurry? Have you ever been rushed into making a decision about something that isn't urgent but you are pushed to commit ASAP or PRONTO?  The Power Of No reminds you to slow down and rather than react on auto pilot to people, situations and circumstances in our life take some time to evaluate the best answer. The Power Of No may surprise you, it surprised me.  This book describes seven(7) levels of No and how using them can be powerful. 
Warning this book is REAL!  A real good read with real stories and real practical tips that can be life changing.
From the authors: What we show in this book is that No comes from a deep core inside.  A spiritual core. One that allows you to tap into power you might not have known you had.
I'm all about tapping into my spiritual core and connecting that power source.  So I put the techniques to task.  There is someone I've known for years that is always asking for something, a favor, an errand, work etc with the promise of future pay. I once rode around several counties spending  days meeting and talking with realtors in the anticipation of the promise of being compensated for my time and efforts at a future date.   It was always tomorrow. While tomorrow came my money never did.  I always seemed to agree to doing things for this person that take my time and cost me money.  We hadn't spoken in awhile since the  last time I fully expressed my displeasure with this behavior.  Well, It is written when the student is ready the teacher will appear.  Like clockwork that evening while reading the chapter on boundaries I got a text asking for a favor.  I text back....ok.  ugh..   Then came the promise. breathe! All the emotions and pain of feeling used and disrespected came flooding back.  I felt it in my core.  I mindfully sat with the decision.  I read the book some more.  I woke up around 3am and decided it was time take my power back. The Power of No.  Later that day I text the person, I changed my mind.  They did not reply and as hours passed I realized this was the pattern.  Eventually I was able to say No.  It was uncomfortable but in the long run it will be worth it.  What a lesson! According to the book, When our No's are not in place, we are vulnerable to abuse(pg.43).   Since reading this book I have become much more aware of the Power Of No and the abuses of yes.  This is a great book filled with wonderful lessons and real life examples of just  how enlightening saying no can be.  Yes! saying no can be a spiritual experience. The Power of No is available on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble Hay House and Indigo

Please note I was given a copy of this book to review by Hay House with my unbiased opinion.

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